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Auspiciouswig Ombre Thin Skin Hair Replacement System Human Hair Men’s Wigs Toupee for Men

Auspiciouswig Ombre Thin Skin Hair Replacement System Human Hair Men’s Wigs Toupee for Men

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About this item

  • 100% healthy human hair made, soft, natural and easy to style
  • Hair length 6 inch, long enough to cut the hair style you like, natural color also can be done highlight to show your unique
  • New base design, USFITS radian 0.06mm thin skin with Japanese polyurethane technology, both natural and durable
  • V-loop hand-tied, simulate human hair growth direction and density, give you the most natural looking
  • Base size 8x10 inch, big enough for almost all customer, also can be cut to wear as demand

Product description

Toupee Information:
Hair Material: 100% human hair (white hair is Japanese synthetic hair)
Hair Length: 6 inch
Hair Density: gradually transitioning from the front 100% to back 110%
Base Size: 8 inch x 10 inch
Base Model: USFITS-JP006
Base Designer: Mr Davis

Using Feeling:
Seller is also a loyal user of thin skin, because thin skin is the most natural hair replacement system.
This hair is very soft and smooth, it is easy to manage and do hair style. The base is very soft and comfortable when wearing, you even can't feel its presence.
Tough this units is marked 0.06mm, but front 2cm hairline is start from 0.05mm gradual transition to 0.06mm, so we will get a more natural looking at front.

How long will it be last?
This is one of the most concerning issues for many customers, some customers is very happy to tell us it can be last about 6 month, some customers is complained to us it can not be last even 2 month.
This is really no matter with different batch, it is depend on personal care, maintenance period and hydration, even country climate, temperature and humidity.
If we wear it sleep with a smooth and soft pillow, replace the tape timely, remove it slowly with a little warm water and only comb hair after base with cold air blow dry etc, these tips can be effectively extend the lifespan of the toupee.

Which thickness is suitable for us?
Usual the base is thicker, the lifespan is longer. The base is thinner, it looks more natural.
Overall, base on my personal using feeling, 0.06mm-0.08mm is both natural and durable.

As a user and seller, thank you very much to share your real using experience with maintenance method to us, no matter you are new user or experienced user, no matter it is positive or negative, all of these will be very helpful to user
At the same time, our base designer of Mr Davis will answer us the most concerned questions.

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